Sherman County Small Claims Court, Texas

What is the trial like?

Unlike regular civil trials, small claims court rules do not follow the Rules of Evidence. There are no rules of evidence. Generally the judge will ask questions to help develop the facts and understand the context and circumstances surrounding the case. Trials generally are pretty short (15-20 minutes). A jury trial will likely last longer, probably a few hours. Sherman County Small Claims Court cases are heard in 1 courthouses in Sherman County.

Sherman County Small Claims Court

Sherman County Small Claims Court

Limit (or Jurisdiction) of Small Claims Court

The plaintiff’s demand for money cannot exceed $10,000. (Texas Government Code 28.093). Additionally, a small claims court plaintiff can only ask the court for monetary relief. The court has no authority to issue an injunctive or equitable award. Say your landscaper breaks a sprinkler head. You can ask the court for money to replace the sprinkler head, but you cannot ask the court for an order requiring the landscaper to physically replace the sprinkler head. This would be called injunctive relief.

Are Appeals Allowed?

A party can appeal a ruling if the amount of the judge’s award is in excess of $250.00.

Clerk’s Role in Small Claims Court Actions

The clerk is often the first person small claims court litigants interact with in their case. This will ensure the courthouse is open and someone is available to assist with the filing of your claim. While the clerk can help you with procedural issues, the clerk is not able to give legal advice. They will direct you to an attorney if answering your question would require that.

Do I need A Lawyer?

In Texas, small claims parties generally represent themselves without an attorney. This is largely because the amount at issue in the case is not large enough to justify the hiring of an attorney. You are not required to have an attorney, but you are allowed one. (Government Code 28.003).

Small Claims Court Venue

The action is generally filed in the County and Precinct where the defendants reside (where they live) or where location where the Defendants contracted themselves to perform. (Texas Government Code Section 28.011).

Small Claims Court Case Types

Small claims courts handle a wide variety of cases. Cases include damages from an automobile accident, a security deposit from a landlord, or breach of a contract. However, small claims court cannot handle assignments of claims (where one person transfers their interest in an action to another), a divorce proceedings, and cases filed by collection agencies or agents.

Judges for Small Claims Court Cases in Sherman County

The justice of the peace for Sherman County presides over small claims court actions for Sherman County.

Sherman County Court Locations

The precinct map for Sherman County can be found here.

Countywide Courthouse in the City of Stratford

This courthouse is located at:

P O Box 342
Stratford, TX 79084

This courthouse handles cases for Countywide. The court’s website can be found here. The phone number for the court is (806)366-5645. And you can email the court by clicking here.

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