New York

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  1. Carrie Lewis says:


    If I need to file against a business in MN, how would I do that? I live in Albany county; can I file it there?

  2. Jose O. Colon says:

    Looking for info on how to file a claim against a business. The claim is for $100.00 only, should I even bother?

    Thank You.

  3. Form won’t print can you email me one?

  4. anne scoville says:

    I am asking some body to give my 400.00 back that I had loan him I want the money back and he told me and my son he hismt paying back. he told me that he got in a wreck. so then he end up getting 5000 for the insurance so then he got another car. so he told me and my son to go to hell. can you help me doing it out of court. my son is a witness and we did do it in writin. thank you anne scoville

  5. Priscilla Martinez says:

    Good afternoon,

    I am also looking for info on how to file a claim against a business. The claim is for $1,313.68 owed to us. I was wondering if there were documents that i can fill out before going to file in small claims or do i have to actually go to get the papers at court?

    Thank you

  6. Paul LaMar says:

    Where would I file for a small claims case that occurred in Wantagh, NY.

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