Sullivan County Small Claims Court

Sullivan County Small Claims Court

Do I have to hire an attorney?

You do not have to hire an attorney to represent you in small claims court (even if you are a business). The procedures and rules for small claims court are actually designed to be simple and informal so that a party does not have to hire an attorney and should be able to represent themselves. A plaintiff or defendant can choose to hire an attorney if he or she chooses. Sometimes, when a plaintiff and a defendant have both retained attorneys, the court can transfer the case from small claims to the regular civil part.

How do I find the correct name for the Defendant?

If the defendant is a person, your job is pretty easy. Use the first and last name of the defendant (do not use their nickname). You should also be able to provide the address of the defendant. Businesses are more tricky because sometimes you do not know how the business is structured. If you contact the Sullivan County Clerk’s Office, they will be able to provide you with the proper business name.

Should I use mediation for my small claims case?

Mediation is an attempt to settle your case without a trial. It is a consifential way to resolve the case. Mediation involved a person acting as a mediator who will try and bring opposing parties to an agreement that all the parties can agree to. In Sullivan County, mediation services are provided by:

Dispute Resolution Center, Inc.


  1. Bernard Beck says:

    I would like to challege the determination I received from the Town of Thompson Board of Assessment Review. Please tell me how to do this in Small Claim Court.
    Thank you

  2. jeff says:

    What is the maximum amount of damages for small claims court in Sullivan County? If my damages are greater than this maximum, is the court I would need to go to still located in Sullivan County? Is it in Monticello?
    Thank you

  3. Anon says:

    I would like to file a complaint with the company Venmo. They claim I owe $2k for money that doesn’t exist. I did not lose any money, in fact I was scammed and they refuse to help or understand. Instead they expect me to pay for my being a victim of a scam. The company did but they are claiming I am responsible for $2k they claim they will take me to collections but again, I am a victim of fraud, I reported all of it to the police and banks and again they still claim I owe $2k. Where do I take this in the court of law? Small claims? State? Federal?

  4. Robert & Donna Nat says:

    I want to file a small claims against Bethel Hideway campground. I paid for a 4 day stay for 2 campsites for Aug 2019 and Due to health reasons I had to cancel which I was told in Dec 2018 that I would get a refund within 2weeks but that never happened and now I get no response from them at all. Tell me how I can file a claim.

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