Atlantic County Small Claims Court

Atlantic County Small Claims Court

Claims NOT handled in Atlantic County Small Claims Court

  • You cannot file an action alleging malpractice in Small Claims Court
  • Any action for support (either alimony or otherwise)
  • Probate matters (you are claiming you are owed under a will, trust, or other estate instrument)

Types of Actions Generally Filed in Small Claims Court:

  • Oral Breach of Contract and Written Breach of Contract
  • Action for the Return of a Down Payment
  • Action for Property Damage to a Motor Vehicle
  • Damage or Loss of Personal Property
  • Consumer complaints of faulty workmanship or defective merchandise
  • Payment for Labor Performed
  • Checks Written Without Funds in the Account
  • Payment for Back Rent
  • Return of security deposit (remember special rule can sue up to and including $5,000)

Can I file my case in Atlantic County?

A claim can be filed in a County if at least one defendant lives there (or their business is located there). A business is located there is the business is actually conducting business in that county (“doing business”) or it is where the business’s registered office is located. For example if you want to sue your mechanic and their shop is located in Atlantic County, you may file your case here. If you have multiple defendants in your case, you may file in whichever County one of the defendants is located. If no defendants reside in a New Jersey County, you need to file your case in the County where your complaint occurred.

Atlantic County Small Claims Court Location

The Small Claims Court is located here:

Special Civil Part
Atlantic County Civil Courthouse
1201 Bacharach Blvd.
Atlantic City, NJ 08401

The telephone number is (609) 345-6700 Ext. 3370.
Small Claims Court is one of three sections of Atlantic Superior Court’s Special Civil Part (the other two sections are Landlord / Tenant and regular Special Civil Part).

Atlantic County Small Claims Court
Atlantic County Small Claims Court
Small Claims cases allow one party to sue another for monetary damages. Procedures for small claims court in New Jersey are much simpler than in other courts. Because of this, one is able to file and present a case quickly and inexpensively. Generally, people file their own cases and represent themselves in court. In Atlantic, one can only file an action seeking up to, and including, $3,000. This is true for all Small Claims Courts in New Jersey (no matter what County they are filed in). If a party has a claim more than $3,000, but less than $15,000.01, than the case should be filed in the regular Special Civil Part. Word of Caution: If your claim is for more than $3,000, you can file it in small claims court, but you give up your right to collect any money in excess of $3,000. You cannot recoup this excess in a separate or subsequent action.

Atlantic County Special Civil Part

Special Civil Part handled cases where the amount exceeds the limits of small claims court but is not asking for more than $15,000. In these cases, the rules are not as relaxed as in Small Claims Court. Note: If your case exceeds $15,000, it needs to be filed in the Law Division of Atlantic Superior Court.

Atlantic County Ombudsman

Each County in New Jersey has an Ombudsman. They can assist you with questions you may have about your small claims case. The ombudsman for Atlantic County is Kathleen Obringer. They can be reached at 609-594-3346. The fax number is 609-343-2142. The email address for the ombudsman is

Appeals from Atlantic County Small Claims Court Cases

If a party doesn’t agree with a decision on a small claims court case, an appeal may be filed to the Appellate Division of the Superior Court within 45 days of the judgment. You need to file a Notice of Appeal, a copy of the Request for Transcript, and a Case Information Statement within the 45 days with the Clerk of the Appellate Division located at the Hughes Justice Complex, Trenton. You also need to provide copies to all the parties to the case (usually the opposing party or parties), the clerk of the Special Civil Part where your case was first heard, and the judge who decided the case. Additionally, the person seeking an appeal has to pay a filing fee of $200. An additional deposit of $300 is required to be posted within 30 days (of the Notice of Appeal). This deposit can be used to pay settlement costs or court costs associated with the appeal if you lose on appeal. This deposit is returned to you if you prevail. Additionally, you need to obtain a copy of the transcript from the original trial. The transcript is a copy of the record of what happened in court on the day of the trial (and reads much like a script). The transcript can be expensive. You are required to post the estimate for the cost of the transcript. Alternatively, you will be charged $300 for each day or partial day of trial transcript required for the appeal (most small claims court cases only require part of a court’s day). Because of the expense of an appeal, it is very important to ensure you are ready and prepared for the original trial – to save you the time and headaches of appealing an incorrect ruling. For additional information on appeals from small claims court judgments in New Jersey, contact the Office of the Clerk of the Appellate Division at (609) 292-4822.
Note: If you are under 18, the complaint for a small claims court action must be completed by an adult.

Which locations are served by the Atlantic County Small Claims Court?

Atlantic Court serves the following locations in Atlantic County: Egg Harbor Township, Atlantic City, Galloway Township, Hamilton Township, Pleasantville, Hammonton, Somers Point, Ventnor City, Brigantine, Northfield, Absecon, Buena Vista Township, Linwood, Margate City, Mullica Township, Buena, Egg Harbor City, Weymouth Township, Folsom, Estell Manor, Port Republic, Longport, and Corbin City.

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  1. Dear Ms. Kathleen, Ombudsman of Atlantic County Court
    I am writing to you to kindly ask or your legal advise on where an how I file a case against a vendor,
    Briefly, I have contracted with Sings supplier to supply and install a digital LED GAS Changer and another sign in my Gas Station located at Magnolia Township, the agreement was made in last April when I paid this supplier a down payment of $6,984.97, this person breached the contact as he never installed the signs nor returned my advance payment despite my several calls and correspondences to him over the past six months to refund me my down payment,
    My question is how can I file a legal case or claim against him for breaching contract and his refusal to install the signs or refund my money, what is the legal procedure through Atlantic County to enforce the repayment of my down payment
    Can you please guide me what is the procedure, filing fees and where I should file this claim and can I file this claim by myself or it must be done through an attorney to ensure that this person never get away with my paid down payment,
    I have all the document that support my claim including invoice, check copy of down payment, receipt of payment.
    This sings supplier is located in Egg Harbor Township
    Thank you and Best Regards,
    Walid Gaballah
    Owner of Sunoco Magnolia

  2. AA bond CO. Hasn’t paid back the bail I posted. The bond was paid for individual and girl was arrested on the day she was to appear in court on march 2, 2016. They promised me I would get my money back. It has now been 8 month. The amount was 1500.00

  3. I live in Queens County in New York City. I had my boat at Seaport Marina in Atlantic County, N. J. Damage was sustained to my boat while in the security of the Marina. Seaport Marina refuses to fix-replace the damage that occurred to my vessel. The damage is in excess of $3,000.00 but less then $15,000.00.
    1) Can the claim be filed in New York City. Mail was sent from the Marina to my home located in Queens County
    2) If not do I need to file in Atlantic County and what court
    3) Are attorneys needed for a Civil Suit over $#,000.00
    Thank you
    George Mentonis

  4. dear sir, I was hired to work on a paving crew (roads paving co.) on or about 3/30/17 located in egg harbor. unfortunately it was not a comfortable work environment for me. however, I continued to work to the best of my ability to complete the work day which I did.when I inquired about payment I was told that the pay period was the following Wednesday. although I initially thought that it was a cash payment at days end, I was told that it was not. I had no problem with that at all. I contacted the administrator at roads paving and provide her all the necessary information in order to process the check.She explained that it would be mailed to me, this was on 4/3/17. I have still not received payment. I will not attempt to contact roads paving co located on gravel bend road in egg harbor to inquire about payment. Therefore, I have no other recourse but to place this matter in the hands of small claims court.

    Thank you,
    Paul tomasetti

  5. I need to file a small claim against an Asphalt company. The work was performed at my business location in Pleasantville, NJ but the company seems to be registered out of Franklinville, NJ. Can I file in AC small claims court?

  6. A landscape company broke my vinyl fence. The owner saw it happened and agreed to pay for it if I sent her a bill. I sent her a picture of the vinyl fence panel which was $97. She has not been returning my phone calls. If I bring this to smalls claims court how much is it to file and will I be able to add in not just the amount of the broken fence but can I get reimbursed for any money that it cost me to bring this to court..? Im located in Brigantine New Jersey. Any information will be greatly appreciated (215)880-6814. Thanks….

  7. question on a small claim, a car backup into my car in Atlantic city, the other driver did not pay his insurance, even he showed me a insurance document which was good. He lives in state PA.
    Since the happened in AC. can I file the small claim in Atlantic city?

  8. Requesting my next step regarding case number ATL SC-001115-17. VJ number, 000203-19.
    I received a yellow card stating a judgement, in favor of me, in the amount of $2040. I do not know what further action is required of me. Please advise.

  9. Hello,

    If an auto mechanic charges you for an expensive car repair that you did not authorize and demands payment that you did not agree to, would that be something that Atlantic County small claims court would handle ? Do you know where seniors can get help with legal services for this kind of case in NJ ?

  10. I would like to file a claim for auto damage due to uninsured motorist involved accident. I could not find the forms online. When I tried to download them my anti virus is saying there is a virus attached, Can u please help me get started. Also what is the fee to file within this court system Thank you…


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