Jones County Small Claims Court, Texas


A Justice of the Peace for Jones County hears small claims court cases for Jones County.

Do I need A Lawyer?

You are allowed to hire an attorney (Texas Government Code Section 28.003), however, most small claims court parties choose to represent themselves. This is largely because the amount at issue in the case is not large enough to justify the hiring of an attorney. However, you are allowed to retain one if you choose.

Clerk’s Role in Small Claims Court Actions

The clerk at the courthouse can be an excellent resource for your case. The clerk is an excellent resource for the procedure for small claims court cases in Texas but also any procedures specific to that County or courthouse. It is recommended that you contact the clerk’s office to ensure the courthouse is open during the hours you want to visit. Remember, the court clerk is trained to assist with procedural questions, but is not able to give legal advice.

Are there appeals in small claims court?

Yes, but only if the amount in controversy is in excess of $250. Small Claims actions are heard in 1 courthouses throughout Jones County.

Jones County Small Claims Court
Jones County Small Claims Court

Small Claims Court Venue

In order to follow correct procedure, a small claims case needs to be filed in the proper county and precinct. In Texas, the action is filed in the County and Precinct where the defendants reside or where a contract was to be performed. (Government Code Section 28.011).

Small Claims Court Case Types

A variety of cases are handled in small claims court. Cases include damages from an automobile accident, a security deposit from a landlord, or breach of a contract. Under Texas law, collections cases and claim assignments cannot be heard in small claims court.

Limit (or Jurisdiction) of Small Claims Court

A plaintiff cannot demand more than $10,000 in their action. (Texas Government Code 28.093). Small claims parties can only recover money. You cannot seek injunctive relief. For example, you could sue a dry cleaner for ruining your clothes and ask for money to replace the clothes, but you cannot ask the judge for an order for the dry cleaner to repair your clothes. This type of relief would be injunctive relief.

How are trials conducted?

Unlike regular civil trials, small claims court rules do not follow the Rules of Evidence. There are no rules of evidence. Furthermore, the judge is allowed and often ask questions of witnesses and parties to help understand the facts of a case. It will likely be pretty quick. If a jury trial is required, the trial could last a few hours.

Jones County Court Locations

Countywide Courthouse in the City of Anson

This courthouse is located at:

P O Box 345
Anson, TX 79501-0345

This courthouse handles cases for Countywide. The court’s website can be found here. The phone number for the court is (325)823-3761. And you can email the court by clicking here.

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